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ES WAR EINMAL - Die schönsten Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm

A fully illustrated treasure trove of the most beautiful fairy tale classics by the Brothers Grimm for the whole family. Written by Rolf Toman, Illustrated by Seobhan Hope, Published by Ullman Medien, 2023. 

Als der Nikolaus Kam

In a fresh take, Author Rolf Toman wrote this jovial new rendition of the beautiful christmas classic The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore. A fully illustrated christmas special, published by Ullman Media in 2023.

Als Der Nikolaus Kam- Cover Mockup_edited.jpg

Fairytales for Feminists

The stories we hear and read as a child shape our behaviour and beliefs as adults, and help to perpetuate the deeply engrained sexism in our culture. This illustrated revision of everyones favourite childhood fairy tales from a feminist angle will make you question those narratives. Written by Walpurga Appleseed, Illustrated by Seobhan Hope, Published by Harper Collins HQ, 2020. 

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